15th Annual Conference
BioCycle REFOR15

Renewable Energy From Organics Recycling

Anaerobic Digestion
Biogas Markets • Food Waste
Manure • Composting • Biofuels
Official Conference Of The
American Biogas Council

October 19, 20, 21, 22, 2015 • Boston, Massachusetts • DoubleTree by Hilton Boston North Shore

Agenda: Monday Workshops & Symposium | Tuesday & Wednesday Sessions | Thursday Site Tours | Keynote Speakers
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Agenda: Wednesday, October 21
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015 | | 8:30 AM — 10:15 AM
Track 1
Digester Operations — Lessons Learned
Development, Operation Of Liquid Food Waste Digester
Charles Opferman, Greenfire Management Services
Reforming The Wisconsin Biogas Industry — Operating Challenges And Solutions

Clinton Fandrich, Wisconsin State Energy Office

Codigestion Of Dairy Manure And Nonfarm Feedstocks

Dana Kirk, Michigan State University

Tackling, Solving Full-Scale Operational Challenges

Ryan Begin, FEED Resource Recovery

Track 2
RNG Market Pathways And RINs

Organized by
American Biogas Council

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) To Vehicle Fuel—Projects, Prospects And D3 RINs

Marianne Mintz, Argonne National Laboratory

Economic Feasibility Of On-Farm RNG To Vehicle Fuel Systems

Michelle McCutcheon-Schour, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Technology Options To Convert Biogas To Vehicle Fuel

Paul Greene, Natural Systems Utilities

Fueling Fleets With RNG—Canadian Perspectives

Jennifer Green, Canadian Biogas Association

Track 3
Frontiers In Wastewater Management, Codigestion
Water Resource Recovery Facilities On Frontline Of Climate Resiliency

Sally Brown, Univ. of Washington

Maximizing Energy Recovery And Energy Efficiency

James Jutras, Village of Essex Junction, Vermont

An Anaerobic Digestion Adventure

Clayton (Mac) Richardson, Lewiston-Auburn (ME) WPCA

Utility Of The Future: High Solids AD, Energy Generation, Class A & Nutrient Recovery

Alan Johnson, quasar energy group

Track 4
Anaerobic Digestion Of Food Processing Residuals
Performance Of Membrane Bioreactor Treating Condiment Manufacturing Wastewater

Shannon Grant, ADI Systems, Inc.

Integrating Anaerobic Digestion Into Vegetable Processing
Robin Szmidt, Target Renewables Ltd.
Green Energy From Leftover Bread Crumbs
Giles Gomme, AB Energy USA
Wednesday, October 21, 2015 | | 11:00 AM — 12:15 PM
Track 1
Climate-Smart Agriculture And Organics Management
Building Blocks For Climate Smart Agriculture And Forestry

Venus Welch-White, U.S. Department of Agriculture

AD Ombudsman As Catalyst to Improved Project Outcomes

Nicholas Elger, ORISE Research Fellow, U.S. EPA AgSTAR

Rural And Urban Mobility With Biogas And Biomethane In Brazil

J. C. Pasqual Lofhagen, Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Paraná (Brazil)/Univ. of Arizona

Track 2
Biogas Operators University

Organized by
American Biogas Council

State Of The Art Feeding System

Ashwani Kumar, Harvest Power

Bernard Sheff, ES Engineering Services, LLS

Maintaining Digester Biology

Vicki Hilborn, ABC Operators Working Group Co-Chair

Digester Start-Up

Ben Sheff, ES Engineering Services, LLC

Post Digester Nutrient Separation-Why Add Chemicals?

Brian Ross, Michigan Water Environment Association

Track 3
Advancing AD,
Cow Power, Composting
In Vermont
Food Waste And Manure Codigestion, Water Quality In Vermont

Alex DePillis, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

Growing A Farm Digestion Infrastructure — Past, Present And Future

David Dunn, Green Mountain Power

Business Evolution In Age Of Organics Disposal Ban

Lisa Ransom, Grow Composting

Track 4
AD, Composting
On Small Footprints
Small-Scale Community Digester For Commercial, Institutional Organics
Meredith Cummings, BIOFerm Energy Systems
Compost-Heated Greenhouse With Biofilter Seedbeds For CO2 Capture
Bruce Fulford, City Soil & Greenhouse and Brian Jerose, Agrilab Technologies
Building A Community Of Composters, New York City Style

Marguerite Manela, New York Department of Sanitation, NYC Compost Project

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 | | 1:45 PM — 3:30 PM
Track 1
Microgrids, RECs, Biogas Storage And Pipeline Interconnections
Microgrids In The Renewable Power Mix

Galen Nelson, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Sustainability Assessment Of "Cow Power" REC Purchases

Deborah Krug, University of Vermont

Biogas Storage And Peak Power Generation To Improve AD Project Economics

David Palmer, TetraTech

California's Interconnection Requirements And Logistics For RNG Injection

Abel Yasells, Greenlane Biogas

Track 2
Organics Ban Implementation, Logistics, Enforcement: Lessons Learned & Tools For the Future

Organized by
American Biogas Council

Rolling Out An Organics Ban

Marian Kim, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Policy Mix To increase Recovery And Processing Capacity

Matt Korot, Metro, Portland, Oregon

Tools Of The Organics Diversion Trade

Lorenzo Macaluso, Center for EcoTechnology

Hauler On Frontlines Of Ban Compliance

Benjamin A. Harvey, E. L. Harvey & Sons Inc.

Track 3
Source Separation, Pretreatment To Maximize Feedstock Quality
Optimizing Source Separation For Maximum Feedstock Quality

Heather Billings, Center For EcoTechnology

Making The Source Separation Decision: Considerations And Tradeoffs

Kevin Matthews, CCI Bioenergy, Inc.

Impact Of Seasonal Variation, Loading Rate On Organics Separation Efficiency

Alireza Rajabpour Ashkiki, Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton Waste Mngt. Centre of Excellence

Matching Pretreatment To Variations In Household Organics Streams

Luc De Baere, OWS Inc.

Track 4
Adding Value To Digester Products: Strategies And Technologies

Organized by
American Biogas Council

Digestate Characterization For Nutrient Management Planning
Andrew Carpenter, Northern Tilth
Solution To Algal Bloom: How Agriculture & Wastewater Can Collaborate

Mel Kurtz, quasar energy group

Utilizing Biogas As Dimethyl Ether Diesel Alternative
Dan Goodwin, Oberon Fuels
Track 5
Small-Scale And Innovative AD Systems, Technologies
Food Scraps To Bioenergy Utilizing Small-Scale Digesters

Dave Dingman, Waste to Energy Lincoln (NE)

Small-Scale, Low Cost Digester Installations In Latin America

Alex Eaton, Sistema Biobolsa

Biogas As Feedstock For Biodegradable Plastic Production

Anne Schauer-Gimenez, Mango Materials

Integrated AD, Composting Facility

Alessandro Chiumenti and Paolo Chiumenti, University of Udine, Italy

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 | | 4:00 PM — 6:00 PM
Track 1
Biogas Markets—Vehicle Fuels, Gas Engines
Delivering RNG For Vehicle Fuel

Adam Klaas, Unison Solutions

CHP Engine Option For Smaller AD Facilities

Keith Albretsen, WesTech

WWTP Digester Gas To CNG Fuel

Paul Stout, Cornerstone Environmental Group

From Source Separated Biowaste To Biomethane At Municipal Digester

Peter Chromec, Hitachi Zosen Inova

Track 2
Optimizing Digester Operations
Food Waste Digestion Using Two Stage Mesophilic AD Process

Bradley Kelsey, Clarkson University

Analytical Methods For Digester Operation, Optimization

Josh Mah, Virginia Tech

Assessment Tool For Food Waste Diversion

Colin Chadderton, USACE-ERDC Contractor, SOL Engineering Services LLC

Enhancing Biogas Production With FOG, Food Waste, Vegetable Cooking Oil

Matt Gregori, FEED Resource Recovery, Inc.

Track 3
Anaerobic Digestion, Composting
Of MSW Organics
Integrating Wet And Dry AD Systems To Increase Processing Efficiencies

James R. Miller, J.R. Miller & Associates

Advanced Front-End Processing To Capture Organics In Mixed Waste Stream

Janine Ralph, HDR, Inc.

Feedstock Quality Impacts On Biogas Yields

Martin Hagenmeyer, STRABAG Umwelttechnik GmbH

Odor Control For Urban AD-Composting

Floriano Ferreira, TetraTech

Track 4
Hot Topics: Engaging The Public

Organized by NEWEA/NEBRA

Mitigating Risks At AD Facilities
Nellie Brown, Cornell University
Separating Myths From Realities When Assessing Organics Recycling Risks

Sally Brown, University of Washington

Tools Of Public Engagement
Maile Lono-Batura, Northwest Biosolids Management Association
Phosphorus Is Limiting Local Organic Residuals Markets
Ned Beecher, North East Biosolids & Residuals Association